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Advise_w servicesThe ADC Advise services provide tangible advisory services designed to assist you or your team with the pursuit of project opportunities, the hiring of project partners or the execution of a contract to ensure you are compliant, your consulting partners are accountable and your service offering is clear, concise and easy to understand.


The Advise services of ADC:


Strategic proposal (RFP) content development.

What is the most challenging aspect of forming a clear and concise response to a request for proposal?


Making decisions, contributing content, building workplans and schedules for project pursuits is challenging enough without all the other work that has to get done during the regular course of running a business.

We’ve been there.

We understand what it takes to put together a strong response and finding the time to get all the work done is, at times, where the most significant challenge lies. We can help you develop the content. You remain in creative control and the decisions are yours. You know your business best and being able to make decisions is what you do best. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We can build your content and help you form your response in a clear, concise and easy to understand content.

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Project scope of work development, review and evaluation.

How easy is it to miss something in your scope of work?


Fundamentally, we all know what we are being asked to deliver but there are times when we are either not as clear as we could be or we misinterpret what we are being asked to do.

We all suffer from the curse of knowledgeIt’s human nature.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this issue is perspective. You are very good at what you do and you know how to get things done but have you ever found yourself rushing through an RFP, sub-contract or consulting agreement?

We can help you craft clear, concise and easy to understand scope of work documents, help you review and evaluate your contracts before you sign on the dotted line or simply provide some perspective on what you are being asked to do.

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Contract preparation for hiring sub-consultant and vendors.

How do you ensure your team clearly understands their roles and responsibilities?


More and more these days clients want designers to be a Prime Consultant. There is an inherent advantage to the role and it’s a good place to be but there are also risks. You team needs to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. You, as the Prime Consultant, must ensure your contracts are clear, concise and well documented.

We’re all intelligent folks but in our busy lives we all have made the mistake of re-purposing old contracts or worse not prepared them at all.

Hiring consultants and vendors can be time consuming and ensuring their scope of work is clear and well coordinated is not only a necessity but critical to your continued success. We can help you prepare proposals for consultants and vendors and we can help you review, clarify and prepare clear, concise and easy to understand consulting agreements. You remain in complete control of the contract. We will simply assist you in administering the contract to ensure your team is complaint and ultimately accountable for their work.

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Design services contract preparation and execution.

What better feeling is there than when you win a new project?


It feels fantastic when you win a new project.

The excitement of a new project is very satisfying. In the same way as it’s critically important to have contracts established with your consultants and your contractor it is also crucial to have a contract with your clients.

The last thing we want is to mire our projects with litigious paperwork but if we don’t establish a contract with clear, concise and easy to understand scope of services then we leave ourselves open to losses due to misinterpretation. How comfortable is it to approach your client and ask for compensation for scope that was unclear at the outset?

Handshake deals are a thing of the past. Emails are not contracts nor are the RFP responses we so commonly submit and start working under assuming contract compliance. We can help you secure well written contracts with your clients and help you clarify and finalise your scope of work. It’s your livelihood, your business and your client. We understand and we can help you ensure you are well positioned to deliver the exceptional services you offer your valued clients.

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Construction contract preparation and execution.

What assurance do you have that you and your client are protected against risk during the construction of your projects?


There’s never a problem until there’s a problem.

Truer words have never been spoken. Construction contracts are tedious but they are essential in your work to protect your clients, the contractor and ultimately you. Construction contracts are not difficult to prepare or administer and when completed correctly are an essential layer in the surety your project has should something go wrong.

Without a construction contract you, your contractor and your client are essentially relying on a handshake. Relationships are paramount in this industry and they will carry you a long way. We agree wholeheartedly however your business is at greater risk without a contract to protect your interests. We all know a contract is not going to solve all your problems but why put the added risk on your project and ultimately your business?

We can help you select the right form of contract, ensure the documentation is correctly assembled and ensure the contract is executed in a timely manner. We can also help you administer the contract during the course of construction.

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