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Where do you find inspiration in the pursuit of your career growth?

ADC Feature Video_2In our pursuit of design excellence, its impact on our lives and our response to the love of everything design we have compiled a growing library of videos that we feel expresses the nature of what we do.

We are Interior Designers but we are always designers first. Please join us to celebrate the art of design.

Come visit us often and feel free to offer us your ideas on why you think design is important in your life.

Enjoy the series.

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.

Amy shows us how our body language affects how others see us and she also shows us that it may also change how we see ourselves. She has a method called “power posing” which suggests that standing in a posture of confidence even when we don’t feel confident can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain and might even have an impact on our chances for success. Fake it till you make it is not a way to be at your most successful but this method certainly helps get over some of those challenging hurdles when you try something new.



Scott Belsky: How to avoid The Idea Generation Gap.

Scott tells us how Project Management is not responsible for killing the great ideas we have as designers. It’s us and our ability to work within the constraints of our projects, our lives and our abilities. Scott has discovered a bunch of ways that help us generate great ideas and how to keep ideas flowing. What’s amazing is that the “bunch of ways” are simple things that are naturally occurring in you life already. How cool is that?



Timothy Prestero: Design for people, not awards.

A brief manifesto on the importance of designing things for real-world use rather than for accolades.



John Maeda: How art, technology and design inform creative leaders.

Have you ever wondered how your design work can influence other people? If you are in a creative leadership position this video demonstrates how creativity can be taken to the next level.



Apple: Intention

Intention; a thing intended. Design is all about intention and the the mastery of understanding. This short video certainly succeeds in its intention. What is it that you try to express when you design? How can we learn to be better at demonstrating what we are trying to express?



John Hockenberry: Everyone is a designer.

Would you agree? I didn’t at first until I understood where John was coming from. Not everyone is a designer but we all design whether we think we do or not. What can be learned from life’s experiences to make our design better? John asks us to examine our lives and really look how what we do impacts us in so many ways.



Don Norman: The 3 ways design makes you happy.

Don designs for people. He calls it human centered design. He also pursues happiness and has discovered how design can make you happy. If for no other reason than that this video is one that should name its way into your psyche.



Radford University: Why Interior Design Matters.

Just in case you were wondering here’s a fun little romp through the one student’y theory of the benefits Interior Design brings to the community and beyond.



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