ADC Guiding Principles

Our promise to you!

As part of the ongoing evolution of  ADC we established four guiding principles that are at the core of all the content offered on this site. Intertwined in each of these principles is a love for life, balance, hard work and laughter. We may not always be funny but we  do our best to weave a little humour into everything we do.


Because we all know that laughter is the best medicine.

The guiding principles of ADC:


ADC Guiding Principles_Learn_Icon_BlueLearn

Who else is going to do it for you? Always be reading, educating yourself and accumulating information. You will always win if you can take one small thing away from a publication, book, podcast or a blog. Reading and researching opens you up to new ideas and concepts that you may not have thought of and you’ll end up smarter for it or at least a lot more well-rounded.


ADC Guiding Principles_Accept_Icon_BlueAccept

Talk is cheap. Telling someone “how to” or being told “how to” is a waste of time. Communication, in the form of real two way interaction, with the people in your life; family, friends, colleagues and your influencers will help you refine your skills and provide you the constructive criticism to fix your mistakes. Let’s face it; you make mistakes, so do I. That’s how we learn.


ADC Guiding Principles_Share_Icon_BlueShare

Share your ideas, thoughts, strategies and what you learn. Never be afraid to share your dreams. You never know what new innovations may come from sharing your ideas or how your ideas may influence others. Who knows, with all the learning and interaction you are doing you might enlighten someone or even yourself!


ADC Guiding Principles_Act_Icon_BlueAct

And if you can’t act then do. Do something instead of thinking about it. Start. Get going. You will learn and grow by taking action. There’s plenty of time to fix it later but there’s never enough time to wait. Start now. If you don’t start how will you know you can get there?


What about the risks?

Sure, these principles involve risk.

Just like life.

The risk to you if you don’t learn is that you might miss your calling. The risk to you if you don’t accept is that you might never get the valued feedback you deserve. The risk to you if you don’t share is that you might never know if your ideas make any sense. The risk to you if you don’t act is that you might never get to experience the joy of your own ideas coming to fruition.

Is that enough for you to get going, keep going or start again?

We hope so.

See you on the road to success, my friends!

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