The Principles of Collaborative Project Delivery

Early in 2012 I was approached by a continuing education association and offered an opportunity to prepare a presentation on how collaboration influences project delivery. The brief on the topic I received was the following:

Collaborative project delivery breaks down the silos of responsibility requiring close cooperation among all major participants and aligns participant success to project success.

That really got me thinking about what I had done in my career that could demonstrate the topic in a tangible way. I very quickly realized that I only had to look to my current team at the time for the answer. I worked with a great team of collaborators who had naturally developed a system that fit the subject matter to a tee. Using our system of project delivery I went about documenting the reasons why it works and how we got it there. What resulted was a presentation that I was very proud of and in turn was very well received.

Some of the key considerations in the process we developed are:

  • the importance respect and trust play in the ability of a team to deliver effectively,
  • the impact of sharing successes in an inclusive way has on a team and,
  • how learning and continuous improvement drives efficiency.

We explore these concepts through examining the impact social activity has on a team’s ability to build trust. We look at how mutual respect and trust can impact a team’s dynamic and we present three principles which reinforce respect and trust and build on a team’s ability to execute work effectively and efficiently.

I have now consolidated the process in a whitepaper which hopefully demonstrates the benefits this project delivery process can bring to any project based team.

Click the following link to download the PDF.

the principles of collaborative project delivery



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