We can always use a little help finding new ways to inspire us, refine our craft or solve a problem. 


ADC Resources_with listOur growing list of resources helps us in our daily pursuit to build on our guiding principles (learn, accept, share and act) and in our growth as design professionals. In sharing these resources with you we hope to accomplish three things; to build on our knowledge base, to provide inspiration for the pursuit of design excellence and to offer you an opportunity to see how other people do things.

As our skills grow and change over time this list will follow suit. Enjoy these links and please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and questions with us.


Authors that inspire, ignite and instigate.

The following authors are nothing short of inspirational when it comes to keeping up to how the world of business is evolving around us and what we can do to continue to improve our ability to adapt along with it.

Seth Godin

Very popular author in the marketing, business and entrepreneurial world. I find his work thought provoking and vital when considering how business is changing in today’s digital today.

Todd Henry

Very practical tools for getting yourself organized, finding ways to remain creative in your work and building tools to get the best work out of yourself.

Daniel Pink

Tangible business development applications offered in an interesting and provocative manner to get you to think differently and deeply about how to deliver exceptional work.

Mitch Joel

If you are interested in exploring another side of the creative world this author, blogger and podcaster will be of interest to you. He covers a wide variety of topics across the digital marketing space always challenging convention and asking thought-provoking questions.

The Heath Brothers

Practical tools to make decisions, generate ideas and lead change all delivered in the format of great storytelling.


Self-growth and business growth tools.

Understanding yourself, your clients (customers) and how to make your work effective can only lead to building a better mousetrap. The resources below continuously remind us how we can strive to improve what we have to offer the business communities we serve.


Social psychologist Barbara Fredrickson has devised a system for anyone to understand their natural degree of positivity. Her book, Positivity, examines how specific degrees of positivity will change your outlook on life. Pretty obvious but you’ll be surprised how your perception may change once you start to unpack the results. Take the test to see where your positivity ratio currently sits and enjoy the on-line self-help tools.

Net Promoter System

This business evaluation tool was devised by Fred Reichheld (Bain & Associates) and is designed primarily for a business to understand its value to its customers. It asks a very simple question and then unpacks the results in a comprehensive system that can bring insights that you may never have considered. The site has a ton of resources and relevant information to get you thinking about your value proposition to your customers.


PSMJ | Resources Inc. is a go-to for many Project Management professionals. The team as PSMJ offers expertise in a variety of business needs specific to our industry (A+D). We utilize their resources primarily to build on the project execution platform so critical to our projects success. Their publications and surveys & research are invaluable to our growth and development as design professionals.


Presentation and writing tools.

As designer we need to communicate our ideas on a daily basis. This list of resources have helped us immensely in understanding what works and how to evolve our skills to make our work more effective.


The great thing about slideshare is the network of amazing presentations from all walks of business and life. There is a huge benefit to looking outside your own industry for inspiration and ideas. The style, content and presentation of material offers unlimited opportunity to hone and refine your own material in a way to make it more comprehensive, concise and easy to understand. 

Presentation Zen

Garr Reynolds is well known for his presentation style and his approach to preparing presentation but that’s just where it all starts. His blog is a great resources on the lesson of story and how story plays a huge part in how we sell our ideas. Check out his main site for some basic tips on structuring a great presentation.


This site offers presentations in the 20×20 format. If you don’t know the style check it out. What we find interesting here is the ability to refine material into a concise, clear presentation that offers only the essence of the topic or subject. It’s much more challenging than it looks.

The Purdue Owl

As designers we communicate for a living and a big part of our communication comes in the form of writing. I am not quite sure how I came across this site but the resources had proven invaluable. You will find everything from basic writing tips and tools to structuring different types of reports, studies or research papers.


Ideas about how people work.

We could link you to the standard big architecture firm and global furniture manufacturer sites but that would be too easy. You can find those on your own and by all means use their research. It’s good.

New Ways of Working

Without a membership this resource is limited but still offers interesting insights into the world of workplace. Their news feed curates a good list of what’s happening in the corporate workplace world.


This on-line magazine is one of the best workplace resources we have discovered to date. Well put together, comprehensive and interesting to read. This is a go to for news on how the design industry is influencing the evolution of the corporate workplace. 

Workplace Insight

An on-line resource based out of the UK which offers in-depth articles on the changing tide of workplace design and management. It’s a great resource for all things workplace and it’s always great to see how the European Union influences the world of workplace.


We all know IDEO (it almost seems like a household name). Nevertheless, the resources, articles and information on their site can lead you to some interesting insights in how to deliver your work along with opening up doors to ideas that can help you see the world in a different light.


Fun places we love to visit.

Do you love podcasts? Do you need to find a way to focus? Do you love reading about design, self-growth or just need a laugh? Enjoy the following links to some of our favourite places on the web. Each has its unique flavour.



coffee with an architect


the design observer

people for good



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