Abstract for the   two50seven   t-shirt clothing brand.


“A house is a machine for living.” _ Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier famously observed, “A house is a machine for living.” We believe  the same goes for clothing, more specifically the t-shirt. Less a machine for living but an essential tool for living. We also believe that  a great t-shirt is a symbol of a life well lived.

Living well, being positive, being open minded and living your life in the present are essential attitudes to support your ability to be your best. You deserve the best and in searching for the best we have looked to the modernist architecture movement to reflect our purpose. The modernists worked tirelessly to bring the built form to the forefront of the design world with a purpose that ensured it stood the test of time.

Our eyes are made to see forms in light and so light and shade reveal these forms. The forms of modernist architecture are beautiful in their perceived simplicity yet complex in their structure. They are designed to appear simple, essential, and specific in their nature. Their beauty comes from the time, effort and uncompromised approach to creating form at its absolute purest. As is our approach to creating this brand. We believe in the simplicity of the form created by the uncompromised pursuit of excellence in its design. In whatever form it takes.



How was the name two50seven chosen?

Underwear was originally called the union suit (basically, it was a onesie). The t-shirt evolved in the early 1900’s after the union suit was eventually split into a top and bottom as a convenience. After the split of the union suit the t-shirt started down the road of popularity when the US Navy issued it as a standard undergarment. In its infancy, the t-shirt was primarily worn by sailors, miners and the working class as a general purpose garment. 

The term t-shirt became part of the American lexicon in the 1920’s. It was popularized in the 1950’s by Marlon Brando (first worn in the film a street car named desire) and from there evolved in popularity as a symbol of youthful rebellion eventually becoming known as suitable general purpose clothing.

The name was born from the street address of the house where the brand was conceived coupled with the decade in which the t-shirt first rose in popularity. It’s almost serendipity that we wanted the 50 in the name to symbolize the advent of the garment’s popularity and as a marker for the era from which the brand draws its inspiration.



What’s the two50seven brand about?


Positivity                                     living life in the present, being present, respectful.
Longevity                                    long lasting high quality design.
Open mindedness                    looking at the world and learning from what you see.
Celebrating history                   respect for the iconic imagery, brands, and lifestyles of the past.
Celebrating culture                   reflecting the cool 50’s vibe, simpler times, truth, and honesty.


What are the two50seven brand core values?


Clean                                             simple, face value, pure.
Minimal                                        nothing extraneous, primary in form, clear function.
Modern                                         clean lines, iconic, beauty in simplicity.
Precision                                       specific, clear, to the point.
Focus                                             absence of distraction, avoiding complexity, celebrating singularity.


Where does the two50seven brand draw inspiration?

Modernism (Architecture + Design) and the Modern Jazz scene, 1950’s cool culture, birth of the cool, vintage motorcycles, and the pleasures of single malt scotch and cigars.


It is rooted in the classic 50’s jazz and architecture movements with a fresh new vibe.


lifestyle_02A single malt scotch takes a long time to mature, it’s specific, and it is part of a series.Like a print series from a photographer or graphic artist, each shirt is an edition. It’s a work of art. It’s special, it’s rare, it creates scarcity, and it expresses exclusivity.

lifestyle_03Like a cigar, each shirt is wrapped in a label making each one individual. It gives each shirt the feel of it being unique, carefully curated, and handmade.

The shirt design look and feel draws inspiration from Gary Hustwit’s documentaries which demonstrate how great design permeates our world.

High quality shirts with grey tones only. No other colours.

Manufacturer selected with a story of similar core values focused on quality and design.

Accessories: baseball cap, scarf and notebook (moleskin).


What image does the two50seven brand want to portray?


Specialty coffee shop not chain brands.             It’s about the art of making and not a cookie cutter.
Craft brew not major brands.                               It’s a craft not a process.
Indie/documentary films not Hollywood.           It gives deep meaning to a subject.


What is the two50seven brand target market?


Male 35-60….and the people they love.

Mature urban professionals.
Middle to upper income.
Early millennial & Gen-X.


What are the target retailers for the two50seven brand?


Independent clothiers.
Independent shops selling print/writing materials/cards, etc.
Independent coffee shops.
Record stores.
Bespoke Barber Shops


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